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Tabor Boy and a Turtle?

See more sketches in the “My Photos” section.…


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Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die

There is cool new book out called …


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I'm not really an old student, but I'm always interested in the tabor boy, because my granddad was the captain in the period that the Tabor boy was named "Bestevaer"and was a pilot schooner in Holland. He was the captain in the period before world war 2. During the war the vessel was captured by the German, and the family stories tells us that my granddad did sail on his own the vessel back to Holland after the war...…


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50 Crew!!!

Today Mike Lombardo '06 was welcomed aboard as the 50th Crew on The Tabor Boy Project. This website was created just over 2 weeks ago and I thank you all for joining and participating. This is the first of many important waypoints for The Tabor Boy Project.

Some incredible stories have been told like Alex Pline's one and only trip to Bermuda and the impact that it had on his life. Matt Twomey's interesting essay about sail…


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Just a one timer

Back in the day I was blessed to go on a spring cruise to the Bahamas on the Tabor Boy. Unlike most of you on this site I wasn't smart enough at the time to join the crew. I was a 'paying visitor". BUT after some 50 years that trip still is one of my fondest memories.

I didn't know crap about sailing but Cpt Glasier still had each of stand watch, take a shift at the helm, climb the rigging and generally try to not get in the way of you real sailors.

I'll never…


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Stu'n sail


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My One and Only Tabor Boy Trip

As a senior in the spring of 1980, I did the Bermuda trip as a graduation present. I've been sailing since I was an infant with my family in Marion (I was a day student) on both small boats (Bullseyes and Lasers) and various friends' cruising boats. However, at this point I had neither done any real ocean trips nor had I ever set foot on the Tabor Boy, so I jumped at the opportunity.

Bottom line, everything about the trip was a ball. The "sailing" down and back was fun, the watch… Continue

Added by Alex Pline on May 3, 2007 at 10:00am — 2 Comments

The Privilege of Sailing

Those of us who have sailed on the SSV Tabor Boy are, by nearly anyone's measure, "privileged." We were privileged to have been given an opportunity to participate in a unique life changing experience and we took advantage of it. Most of us were also privileged in that we grew up in middle or upper middle class families that could afford to send us…


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