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Today Mike Lombardo '06 was welcomed aboard as the 50th Crew on The Tabor Boy Project. This website was created just over 2 weeks ago and I thank you all for joining and participating. This is the first of many important waypoints for The Tabor Boy Project.

Some incredible stories have been told like Alex Pline's one and only trip to Bermuda and the impact that it had on his life. Matt Twomey's interesting essay about sail training was sent from a stateroom on a Military Sealift Command ship! The photos posted have been absolutely amazing and I know that there is even more great stuff on the way. Faded press clippings that would never have otherwise seen the light of day are now an important part of this collaborative storytelling project.

Thank you all for being a member of The Tabor Boy Project Crew. Please tell more sea stories, post more photos and INVITE more shipmates! You've got the helm!

Photo by Chris Henry '08

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