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Just a few Recycled Tabor Boy Sail Bags Left!

There are a few medium and extra-small bags remaining!  To see the bags and to order click here:

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Headmaster Search Update

I was recently honored to be asked to be part of a small group of alums interviewing the final five headmaster candidates. One down, four to go.


From the first interview yesterday and reviewing the quality of all of the resumes, the future of the school should end up in good hands.


You'll be pleased to know that in addition to me advocating on the behalf of the traditions of the School by the Sea, the sail training program and Tabor Boy, Jack…


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The Tabor Boy Project Celebrates Its First Birthday!

The Tabor Boy Project is one year old!

It all start after attending a Headmaster's Council meeting at Tabor Academy on April 14, 2007. I have always felt incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to go to Tabor but that day really brought it home for me. While It is great to catch up with a few of the Council members that I went to school with… Continue

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A Dockside Visit

In August, 2007, I was in Marion to picking up a boat that I was chartering for the week for my family. I had some time on my hands and I was told that Tabor Boy was still in Fairhaven for repairs. I needed to go to New Bedford anyway, and thought I would take the opportunity to…


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Win Valuable Prizes - Tabor Boy Sighting Contest

Picking up on Jamie Hutton's earlier post, how many times can you sight Tabor Boy in this Sail Training International video?

Only kidding about the valuable prizes! Hope you enjoyed the video though.… Continue

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The Quietest Ship In the World

Last Sunday, my former shipmate Jamie Hutton XO '79 (who grew up to be a NOAA engineer) gave my son Luke and I a tour of NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow while she was dockside at the Naval Station Newport. Here's a slideshow of a few photos that I took which you can also view in more detail with

Jamie's comments on Hopefully Jamie will also add a few comments to this post…


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Catching up with the XO

photo l to r: Jamie Hutton (XO '79), me (XO '77), Chris Henry (XO '08) and Bob Glover (Navigator '78)

Thanks to the wonderful hospitality of Becky and Bob Glover, several former Tabor Boy shipmates had the chance to get together for a great dinner and meet the current XO, Chris Henry. The food was amazing and the discussion was very interesting although us "old timers" probably told a few too many… Continue

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Just a one timer

Back in the day I was blessed to go on a spring cruise to the Bahamas on the Tabor Boy. Unlike most of you on this site I wasn't smart enough at the time to join the crew. I was a 'paying visitor". BUT after some 50 years that trip still is one of my fondest memories.

I didn't know crap about sailing but Cpt Glasier still had each of stand watch, take a shift at the helm, climb the rigging and generally try to not get in the way of you real sailors.

I'll never…


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31 Years Ago Today

Back when I was a Tabor student, my mother clipped every article she could find in the newspaper about Tabor Boy and the tall ships and she created 2 incredible scrapbooks for me. I will be posting these articles periodically, so make sure you are subscribed or at least check in with the Tabor Boy…


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Stu'n sail


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Thirty Years with Sail Training

This is an essay I wrote that appeared in the 15th edition of Sail Tall Ships! A Directory of Sail Training and Adventure at Sea published by the American Sail Training Association.

As legend has it, in April of 1973, Barclay Warburton III and a few like-minded Newport maritime leaders met in the aft cabin of his brigantine Black Pearl to sign the articles of incorporation for the American Sail Training Association. The rest is history retold elsewhere in this…


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Thoughts on Sail Training, and US maritime influences on Commercial Trade


This might be an appropriate time to bang out an essay describing some of the inter-related disciplines that connect many of our students with the following organizations and professions: Tabor Academy students may not always be aware of the value of attending a United States Naval Honor School, but if they become associated with, or enamored with The American Sail Training Association, and / or The…


Added by Matt Twomey '79 on April 26, 2007 at 8:08pm — 3 Comments

The Privilege of Sailing

Those of us who have sailed on the SSV Tabor Boy are, by nearly anyone's measure, "privileged." We were privileged to have been given an opportunity to participate in a unique life changing experience and we took advantage of it. Most of us were also privileged in that we grew up in middle or upper middle class families that could afford to send us…


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One hand for the ship, one hand for yourself

The phrase, “sail training aboard the TABOR BOY” kindles so many memories. One that stands out is sailing through Woods Hole on the way to Nantucket, one late fall day. We sailed her through and found that the wind was blowing even stronger on the Nantucket side. So, Cap told us to reduce sail and Bob Glover and I climbed out on the bowsprit to gather, stop, and secure the outer jib as it came down. Cap pointed her up…


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Reconnecting with "Lost" Shipmates

During the summer of 1976, I sailed on Tabor Boy as paid crew and had the amazing good fortune of participating in the Bicentennial Tall Ships Race from Bermuda to Newport and the Operation Sail event in Boston. At last Friday's Headmaster's Council meeting I ran into an old friend; someone I hadn't seen in over 30 years. Chris Dowley graduated in '76 but joined us for this once in a lifetime experience of sailing with the world's largest gathering of…


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