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First Tabor Boy Female XO!

June 6th, in an email from Bob Thompson, Director of Capital Giving:

 “It was announced this morning in our last Chapel that Holly Francis ’14 of Marion, MA will be next year’s Executive Officer.

As the first female XO, Holly is an extremely competent individual who will lead the schooner in…


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Sister Ship "No. 6"

“No. 6” was built of steel by the shipyard Piet Smit Jr. in Rotterdam, yard number: 299. Her construction was contracted at the 5th of September 1917, her keel laid in the same year.

She was launched on the 23rd of September 1920 and put into service on the 1st of March 1921 as “Nederlandse Loodsschoener”, a Dutch pilot schooner for the Royal “Loodswezen…


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Tabor Boy Sister Ship No. 6 Texel

Tabor Boy ’73-’74 XO Jon Barrett manages multiple mega-yachts around the world and found pictures of one of the TABOR BOY’s sister ships while working with a yacht yard. Here is an article of the Sail Yacht No. 6 Texel

Historic Vessel Set For Round-the-World Adventure

“An historic yacht that was first launched in 1920…


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HarborFinder Free Nautical app for Android smart phones

There are a lot of "apps" available for smart phones but here's one that is terrific for the mariner. Class of '79 Bill Earle and his associate at BBN/Rayetheon came up with this free Android app for voyage planning. Bill and his associate would like to get some feedback on the app so download it, have fun with it, and let him know how well it works for you - …


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Another professional mate from the TABOR BOY Program!

Bravo Zulu to Matt Twomey!!!…


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Innovation that comes from many days at sea

As a marine engineer, I can't help but admire the innovative spirit that comes from long days at sea. The lacking and longing of shore side comforts can lead to a very creative spirit. How else did such devises like the evaporator which produces fresh water from the sea come to be? The Slinky itself was invented by Richard James who was a marine engineer. While I'm not an advocate for the pleasure of alcohol while underway, I…


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Victory Chimes will air on 5/6/10 at 10:30pm on the Travel Channel!!

I can confirm that the Maine Windjammer episode of Samantha Brown filmed on Victory Chimes will air on 5/6/10 at 10:30pm on the Travel Channel!! And has the honor of being the first in the new series! I’m sure you will all enjoy it!The vessel has been owned and operated by Bangor Native Capt. Kip Files for 20 years. ...The vessel is also featured on the 2003 Maine State quarter.

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Shipmates from the past and present

It’s often fun to come across old photos of your friends. I often get a kick at old shots of my shipmates from our youthful years aboard the TABOR BOY. I happen to run across this shot taken of now Capt Robert Glover, during his days aboard the BILL OF RIGHTS, which he sailed aboard as deck hand before coming to Tabor. As fait would have it, he sailed as captain aboard her years later.

I first met Bob during Op Sail '76 when the BILL OF RIGHTS… Continue

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Caribbean Studies Program 2008

The students that just finished the Caribbean Studies Program 2008 have shared their personal logs at this site:
It’s well worth checking out!

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TABOR BOY History (barrowed from Tabor Academy Web Site)

Built near Amsterdam in 1914 as a Dutch North Sea pilot schooner, the Sailing School Vessel (SSV) Tabor Boy originally carried the name Pilot Schooner #2 and was engaged in that service until 1929. Renamed Bestevaer, she then sailed as a school ship for the Dutch merchant marine until her capture during the German occupation of the Netherlands in World War II.

Bestevaer was returned to Holland after the war and sold to businessman Ralph C. Allen in 1952. Mr. Allen had the vessel… Continue

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Cap Glaeser, A Captain and a Mentor

“You dirt ball, get your hands out of your pockets and help your ship mate out over there. You’re about as useful as teats on a bull!” Those were the first words that cap spoke directly to me as a freshman during my first day aboard the TABOR BOY. Those were ego shattering words spoken from an adult to a young boy of 15. While helping my new shipmates hauling in the mighty outer jib on a blustery fall day, all I could think of was, “oh crap, I guess I better find another fall sport because…


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TABOR BOY sighting

If you happen to be flying through Providence Green Airport, take a walk down just beyond Gate 7 to the Block Island Pub and take a look at their poster in front and at cover of their menu. There is a beautiful shot of the TABOR BOY with sails set.

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Stu'n sail


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One hand for the ship, one hand for yourself

The phrase, “sail training aboard the TABOR BOY” kindles so many memories. One that stands out is sailing through Woods Hole on the way to Nantucket, one late fall day. We sailed her through and found that the wind was blowing even stronger on the Nantucket side. So, Cap told us to reduce sail and Bob Glover and I climbed out on the bowsprit to gather, stop, and secure the outer jib as it came down. Cap pointed her up…


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