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At 5:32pm on October 30, 2020, Jay Bolton said…

Hi Bro - what a pleasant surprise -  my telno: 860 460 9209  email

At 9:08am on August 26, 2019, Ware D. Fuller said…

Sorry, Alfie Fuller is not me, though I do vaguely remember him.

I am still trying to determine just when it was that I traveled on the Tabor Boy to Bermuda and Nassau. I think it must have been a summer cruise because I don't think both places would have been possible in a 2-3 week spring vacation cruise.

At 11:24pm on February 20, 2014, Holly Francis said…

I definitely did receive your letter.

It meant more to me than you might know -- everything you said rings true when I think about what I have been learning on the schooner in the past four years. "drink in, demand, insist, seek, devour as much experience as you can" -- I wholeheartedly agree and I cannot thank you enough for the advice you gave me. I am certain I will dream of the schooner as soon as I step down after graduation. I will miss the experiences I have had more than anything else at Tabor and, again you are right, the way that Cap has enough courage to let us learn courage.  When I sat down to write a reply to your letter, I honestly felt as though I could not put everything I wanted to say into words. I am sorry to admit I put it off, for too long. So, I hope you read my most recent article in the Tabor Today -- I think you will like it. 

By the way, I shared your letter with the rest of the schooner crew.  I think they were humbled to hear about your experiences and they way the still affect you to this day.  It did not surprise me to hear how strong your memories are, but the younger crew members have not realized how incredible the Tabor Boy really is.  After listening to your words, I think they began to understand.

I hope I will be able to meet you and your wife at one of the receptions on the schooner for her 100th anniversary.  I will be aboard for all of them if you decide to come -- you would be very welcome.  If you are ever near Marion, let me know and you both should join us for a sail.

Until then -- fair winds!  And thank you.

Holly Francis

XO '14


At 7:26pm on March 1, 2013, Ware D. Fuller said…

Hey Bro,  Perhaps you can help me.  I once went on the Tabor Boy to Nassau, and I think it was in the summer of '60, or perhaps '61.  I don't think it was a Spring cruise - Sophie Arnfield (Tabor Academy Archives,Charles Hayden Library) sent me newspaper articles of the '59, '60 and '61 Spring cruises, which list the crew.   Do you know anything about a summer cruise in '60 or '61?     Charles H Jacobus has asked about the Tabor Boy in the Bermuda Race in '60, but we sure weren't racing! (although I think we did, perhaps, stop in Bermuda).  Hope your memory's better than mine. 

At 6:23pm on February 10, 2010, William Tim Manning said…
Hey Bro, I 'm sorry I couldn't talk to you more SuperBowl night. I planned on calling you back tonight Wed Feb.10th, but I copied your phone number INcorrectly and can't find your number anywhere.
I 'm having a couple of SENIOR moments. I hope you read this and call me again, as soon as you get this message. I don't want you to think that I don't want to talk with you..I do very much and am mad at myself for losing your info.
Please forgive me and call again.
At 9:22am on December 29, 2009, William Beautyman said…
I will look for pictures and send them to you. It might time take some time to dig through some old slides, but I will get to it, after all TR (Time Remaining) is shortening!
At 5:31pm on December 28, 2009, William Tim Manning said…
Hey Bro you old dog...How the hell are you? Where are you etc........???????????? My email is"" .I 've been living in Costa Rica for the past 4 years. GET IN TOUCH PLEASE..
The "Rooller"
Happy New Year
At 2:52pm on December 1, 2008, William Beautyman said…
I do not know if I replied before; but the last I heard he was in Florida occasionally on private yachts, frequently in the bars! From the small world department. A long time friend of my wife went out with Tim during our senior year at TA.

I still have the picture of you and I with Dale taken in Boothbay Harbor in 1964.
Also, a picture of Tabor Boy at the Winter Harbor Yacht Club taken in 1963.



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