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At 9:50am on October 12, 2015, James Hutton said…

Hey Peter!

How the heck are you? How's the fam? Life's good down here. Went for a sail on the Bay last Saturday with 23 knot sustained winds, one reef in the main and just the stays'le up. It reminded me so much of a fall day on the Tabor Boy with the leeward deck dipping in the water. Man we had an amazing high school experience.



At 8:52am on September 15, 2011, James Hutton said…

No more Bayou for the home boy. Mississippi is far behind me.

I had a good trip on the new SWATH. I sailed as chief for the hurricane evacuation. We then surveyed approaches to Norfolk and Chesapeake Bay to re-open the entrance.

At 3:32pm on September 13, 2011, James Hutton said…
How goes the battle?
At 5:12pm on July 3, 2011, Georges Racine said…

Hi Peter,

Thanks for letting me in. If my memory serves me well, I was on the Tabor Boy during the summer of 1977. I was then 15 years old (am now 48). I remember "Swabby" very well (saw the links to him on your site), but am not sure I can remember the names of the other officers. We had Captain Glaeser, 3 officers, 1 first mate, 1 cook, 1 oceanologist (by the name of Len Dwenell or something) and 9 crew (including myself). We sailed 7 weeks or so to Bermuda, the Bahamas, Fort Lauderdale, Charleston, Norfolk (one of the officers had broken his hand and we had to go to the military hospital) and back to Fairhaven. I think one of the officers was named Rob or Ted? I think the second officer was named Alex, Alec or Jamie (I cannot remember). Swabby was the third officer (and engineer). Might Bob Glover have been the first mate? It is all rather vague in my mind. Is there a Tabor Academy alumni that I could join (although I never took courses at the Academy). I have pictures, but I will have to find them...


Georges (Canadian now living in Switzerland)

At 9:45pm on January 19, 2011, J Drew Deeley said…


What a wonderful idea this is. I will go through my photos and see what I can find. I'll also prime the pumps and see if I can perge some old memories and stories from my time on the Tabor Boy.

At 9:24pm on January 19, 2011, Charles Barns (Barney) Davis said…

condensed version...climbed up the haws pipe 100 ton masters 500 ton f&t ab unlimited lifeboatman etc. anchor handling tug supply, Gulf of Mexico, Georges Bank. 1987 - present Bayside Marine Corp. Duxbury. I am the waterfront. Moorings deliveries both for Bayside and on my own. Some ocean racing lots of cruising. Two mariages. A son from the first now 23. A daughter and a son from the second 17 & 15. My wife, Maura, is a health care professional and we live in Duxbury. Oh  and a Beagle and a cat. What's up with you?

At 9:10pm on January 19, 2011, Charles Barns (Barney) Davis said…

Thanks Peter,

Good to hear from you again. I almost contacted you a couple of years ago. I was operating a small schooner for charter and eduicational purposes and even participated in op sail 2000, The Aries. I did a lot of work with Camp Wings Cross Roads for Kids program through the Duxbury Bay Maritime school in Duxbury, MA.

I will contact some of my TA buds and turn them on to the site as well as my cousins the Spauldings. I think you would remember Matt, an alum and Master of the mighty Serendipity. I can't wait to dig out my schooner pictures too!,

Yours at anchor,


At 6:14pm on January 11, 2011, John Merrill, Jr. said…
Thanks btw my wife Martha is dean of admission at conn college
At 8:41am on October 4, 2010, James Hutton said…
Happy late birthday!
At 9:36pm on March 20, 2010, walter s dayton iii (rusty) said…
Peter i want to compliment you and thank you for doing this site. God i had so many pic, but i think my ex BBQ them with my favorite topsiders. Hope to talk to you soon thanks again, Rusty.
At 8:24am on December 22, 2009, James Hutton said…
We are up to 170! Not a bad way to end the year!
At 12:56pm on December 10, 2009, James Hutton said…
Hey Dog, how the hell are you??? I'm down in Pasca-frick'n-goula but head home tomorrow. I'll give you a ring over the holidays.
At 8:59am on October 15, 2009, Jim Walker said…
Spencer, How are things going for you?? Anything I can help you with?? My company has lots of KP connections if you are going in that direction. I ship out in a couple of days but can be reached on email at
At 11:58am on September 21, 2009, James Hutton said…
Hey Dude!
How's the little dude, little dudess, and admiral doing? I'm headed out tomorrow for a two week trial out to Andros Island, Bahamas. Should be interesting. I hope all is well on the home front. My best to the little people and admiral.
At 10:15am on September 19, 2009, John L. Chapman said…
Peter thanks again, and for alerting me to this site...this is fantastic -- and I love the 'aesthetics', too, including the navigation maps re: Sippican Harbor on the main page. Amazing work you have done, to collect photos et al. This will grow and grow over time.

Will definitely ping you next time I am up there and look forward to hearing about all you have going on. All best for a great Fall. jlc
At 8:45am on July 17, 2009, Mitt Younts said…
Thanks. Great TA pics.
At 4:43pm on July 2, 2009, Will Cox said…
THanks Peter - Rob Atkinson was down for tall ships. Tabor Boy was a great time in Bermuda's life!

I understand Jay is not well,

At 8:32am on June 23, 2009, James Hutton said…
Thanks for posting the pictures. What an era! The TABOR BOY program is so important and it would be a shame to let it fall. Please let me know if and how I can help support Spencer's efforts.
At 8:12am on March 2, 2009, James Hutton said…
The T-shirt looks great! I'll get a picture of me wearing it aboard the ship this week and post it.
At 4:20pm on January 27, 2009, James Hutton said…
This site is an eclectic collection of characters through the ages. The last picture posting is a great shot of Bruce Roubaud aboard the original TB.



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