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At 7:59am on June 12, 2013, James Hutton said…

Hey John!

I'm heading up to Castine next month. Five of my classmates, two middies and I are taking an ocean racer out for the Marblehead to Halifax Race. I doubt that I will make it up in the fall.

Are you headed up for the Tabor Reunion? I'm afraid that I can't make it.



At 11:47am on April 29, 2012, James Hutton said…


Great hearing from you. I've thought about you often while watching the news reports of the Texas drought. It sure is a terrible thing.

Hey when all else fails, head on down to N'orl'ns - what a fun town! I can think of a million worse things to become than a River Rat. 

“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”  

Kenneth Grahame had it figured out long before us. 

Speaking of messing about in boats, I went to the first spring Annapolis Boat Show last friday and looked at a few boats. There's one that I have my heart set on but the price is a bit high for Mary's liking:

I'm only at the dreaming stage but man it's a fun think to dream about. Small world story - I saw a gorgeous Sparkman & Stephens 1962 named Windalier and mentioned Matt Twomey's recent S&S acquisition and project Blue Heron, to the rep and he know all about the project and Matt. Take a look at this blog -

I hope all is well and hope to see you in the not too distant future.


At 8:06am on April 29, 2012, James Hutton said…

Hey big wig, I saw you post on Bov G Lover's page. You da man!

How are you doing? I'm buring out on NOAA and lookng to sail again. Been looking at tugs as they have a good short time for time rotation.

Very best,


At 7:30am on September 9, 2009, Jason Bland said…
Hey Jon good to hear from you, 137,500m3 LNG Carrier, cargo at -260 F, Containment- Membrane GTT NO. 96, Steam propulsion, 19.5kts with an additional 19% sea margin, LOA 942', Draft 38', Beam 141", gas burning is standard 2x LD Compressors, no Reliq, you only see that on the Q-Flex and up starting at 217,000m3 capacity, they they are twin slow speed (MAN B&W 6S70MC-C's if i remember correctly)
At 9:24am on August 28, 2009, James Hutton said…
Hey Dude! Just got in from trials this morning and I'm heading back home on an 1100 flight this morning. There's a good chance that I'll be around in September. Also, please send me your mailing address - I need to send you something. I take it that you are back home from sea?
At 2:52pm on March 28, 2009, James Hutton said…
We finally had a successful sea trial aboard the next fisheries ship. The acceptance sea trial is going to be in a few weeks and may be during your time up here. I should find out early next week. Also, I have something that I’ve been meaning to ship to you but will wait if our time overlaps. Bummer about the reunion.
I’ll get back to you shortly,
At 6:13pm on March 8, 2009, James Hutton said…
Hey Dirt Ball, you better get your tail up for the reunion!
At 11:38am on December 10, 2008, Kip Files said…
great to hear from you. I do think of those days aboard Tabor Boy and my time at Tabor. It was fun for the most part.
I have a home @ Sugarloaf. had one since 75. Used to run up there with Wiley on weekends when I was at Tabor. Now I spend a lot more time. Got 60 days in of skiing last season 7 so far this year.
At 1:42pm on December 6, 2008, James Hutton said…
Hey John,
You're a dirt ball! Sorry, I saw the picture of Cap and the phrase came to mind. From him, I think it was a term of endearment.

I’m presently in that town that I like to refer to my little slice of heaven, Pascagoula, MS at the yard doing some catch up work on our three ships in various stages of construction. Whent over to New Orleans last Thursday to see the Work Boat Show. I ran into Tim Leach and Paul Mercer at the MMA booth and had some good laughs with them.

Happy holidays and give me holler some time: 703-728-6949.
At 6:47am on August 30, 2008, R.C.Glover III said…

Awesome Pictures!!! Thanks for posting them!
U Da Engineer!!!! not that I really like any engineer! only when my engines won't start.
signed, Dirtbag
At 9:16am on August 26, 2008, James Hutton said…
Those are great shots and thanks so much for posting them! It puts such a smile to my face and brings back so many great memories when I look at the pictures on this site.
I'm presently in Pasca-fricken-goula at the yard. I'm holding in but with a wing and a prayer. I've been taking flying lessons which helps pass the time and flew my solo last weekend.
On the less than happy side, my mom passed away in June, but it was a blessing in disguise as her health was rapidly deteriorating and there was no more quality to her life.
I’m thinking of putting my name in the hat for the chief job on the last ship that we are building. She will be delivered in 2010 so it’s a bit off. She’s a SWATH and very simple at 120 feet. However, she is considered to be class II vessel which holds a respectable salary and she will work out of N.H.
It’s great to hear from you and I’m looking forward to our reunion.
Best regards and again thanks,
At 10:34pm on August 25, 2008, Peter A. Mello said…

AMAZING photos! What great contributions to The Tabor Boy Project and the schooner's history. Thanks so much!

Fair Winds,
At 10:12pm on May 7, 2008, Richard Alcott said…
Hi Jon, Bill, Jamie and Pete, Thanks for the emails!

Jon - Hey what a small world, you must have been filling in for the "Big Guy". Where you there with Gerry- he's such a good guy. I was offer a better job at Maresk - MLL so I left MTL after 6 yrs and now I'm on their brand new Hoegh RoRo-car carrier Alliance Norfolk doing round the world service including some military cargos direct from US to Umcassa - Bassirah, Iraq. What a shit hole, and dangerous too. Can I say shit hole on this site? HaHa :)
I passed the Yorktown in mid-Atlantic the very next voyage as I was heading to the Persian Gulf.
Bill maybe I will see you at the next GSMS office meeting, sounds like a blast, equal too all the fun of AMOS no doubt!
Well guys, thanks for the emails,
All the best, Rich
At 7:34pm on May 2, 2008, Dan Zinsmeyer said…
It was all good, I appreciated getting to know upperclassmen being new and all. Of course at the time it seemed to be like carrying rocks up hill.....I recall that in the fall of '83 we were getting Tabor Boy ready for some sort of refit, a lot of materials were off loaded , as her water line lowered, it was Bunker Hill that seemed to be doing more effort wallowing in its wake on the slow motor back to the dock...good memories. I'm in Seattle, been here since '91. Love the water and mountains-

At 9:07am on May 2, 2008, James Hutton said…
How are things in Mississippi? Need you ask? I'll send you a picture sometime. More later,
At 1:52pm on May 1, 2008, James Hutton said…
Hey John,
It's great to have another chief engineer and TABOR BOY XO on the site. Get your pictures posted, especially from the Sea Ranger days.
At 1:12pm on April 29, 2008, Dan Zinsmeyer said…
My First XO! Many Fond & unique memories of you & your "officers" whipping us into shape...
This site has been fun reconnecting (and eavesdropping) with people who spent time aboard and have some great memories.

-Dan '86
At 9:16am on April 28, 2008, Peter A. Mello said…
Welcome aboard and thanks for joining.
It's great to have another XO join the Tabor Boy Project.
Hope you get the chance to post some pictures and tell some sea stories.
Fair Winds, Peter



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