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At 10:19am on September 20, 2011, James Hutton said…


How the hell are you? I'm still plugging away at NOAA and think of shipping from time to time on small stuff with a 3 week/3 week rotation. You are shore side now, right?

Best regards,


At 9:14am on September 24, 2009, Will Cox said…
HI JIm - great to hear from you! What a small world. JOnathan seems to be enjoying St Marks and we are up to see him this wekend. Would love to catch up when you are on shore at some point,

At 8:52am on September 21, 2009, James Hutton said…
Which ship are you receiving? Halter is building a new Radar ship; is that the one?
At 4:14pm on August 30, 2009, Will Cox said…
Jim, great to reconnect. Do see John from Time to time and have kids at school at St marks and fessenden so am in the area a fair amount. Will look forward to a swizzle somewhere soon or hope to see you on the Island,

At 9:10pm on January 5, 2009, Jonathan Lincoln said…
Howdy Jim Walker,

You may not remember me, I was working the TB during the summer of '82. Sometime during the Summer, the southern New England Sea Ranger cruise, you stopped in and hung with us for a few days. If I remember correctly you lived on Cuttyhunk at the time. How are things on the Maersk R.I.? What is your run. I'm currently employed on the Yorktown Express (Hapag-Lloyd) running to Nothern Europe.
Have a good New Year


Jonathan Lincoln
XO '84
Now an Engineer!!
At 7:19pm on January 1, 2009, Bill Fairing said…
hi jim,
merry christmas and happy new year.
living in chesapeake, va i have five (5) girls!
own a small ship repair company named specialty marne inc.
we work mostly on navy ships and msc ships at the norfolk naval base.
i sailed for msc for five years then started working on msc ships along the same guys but as a contractor and have been doing it from 1985-1989 for someone else then started my own business in jan 1990.
my 17 yo daughter loved scuba diving and we just did 9 dives this past aug in cancun she is advanced open water now for 120 ft :) thru padi.
best of the new year to you,
smooth sailing and following sea,
At 8:50pm on April 30, 2008, Matt Twomey '79 said…
Jim: Yes: MSC is a tremendous opportunity. My Master's ticket is still tiny (100 Tons NC) but I am in the final months of the full 1,080 days of sea time on vessels of over 200 tons to achieve 3/O AGT. My MMD now reads AB Unlimited, but USCG will have over 1,815 days of sea time documented in my file going back to the 1970's before they will give me 3/O. No Matter. I am healthy and have my liberty. I correct charts and am at the wheel whenever we are unreping. I got that new $10K HP printer working printing full size charts downloaded in a PDF format from The Geospacial website, so I can see where that system will be going by the time that I make 2/O. Most people on board think that I am a spook. Thanks again for your interest though. I am really going to enjoy kicking these studies in the teeth. It is a great industry, as long as you can take it for what it is, and schedule your own commitment. MSC is all consuming, so people get worn out at about the 10 year mark, unless they are really crazy. fortunately you only need 10 years to beat the licensing requirements to death! Cheers. Matt
At 4:26pm on April 23, 2008, Peter A. Mello said…
Friday night would be great. How about 6 pm at our place 12 Water Street. Bob and Becky Glover will probably join us and we'll go to the Kinsale Inn, across the street or Turk's Seafood and Sushi.

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At 9:21pm on April 18, 2008, Peter A. Mello said…
Hey Jim;

Hope all's well. I know, I know, I owe you a call.

Make connections and promote all you want. Maybe they want to be come a sponsor? ;-)

Have you checked out my other great wastes of time: Sea-Fever blog and Messing About In Ships podcast. Wanna be a guest sometime?

How about you and Besty coming to Mattapoisett soon to have dinner with Bob and Becky Glover and Jenny and me?

Fair Winds,
At 7:40pm on April 18, 2008, Matt Twomey '79 said…

Well thanks for the shout Jim. I'm glad to know that you are out here too. I am just having a blast with this MSC shuffle since I have only recently turned pro, and as a hawespiper I ace exams only as my seatime allows, so MSC provides me with an insane schedule which allows me to beat down all of the USCG requirements. I have a 7 month deployment coming up...I am in Dry dock right now. The attached picture was taken 36 hours ago. Matt
At 6:44pm on April 15, 2008, Dave Williams said…
Hi Jim,
How are things? This is a great site. Jim Potdevin put 120 pics on it. I am looking forward to my 35'th this year. Too bad they don't mix up the years that are close together instead of 5 years apart. Never get to see people before and after us.
At 7:31am on April 5, 2008, Cameron Frothingham said…
Well, that's OK -- I forgot that you did too. Just one season for me, although now I wish it had been more. Life is great for me...Maine, boats, new baby...lots to be happy about. How are you doing?
At 9:50pm on April 4, 2008, Peter A. Mello said…
Finally!!! Welcome aboard and thanks for joining!
You definitely take the award for best profile photo. You're the one on the let, right? ;-)
Hope all's well with you, Betsy and the kids.
At 8:57pm on April 4, 2008, James Hutton said…
Welcome aboard! I'm glad that you finally are back on terra firma so that you could join. If you can find time, please post some of your stories. I remember Cap telling a few involving you.
Best regards,



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