The Tabor Boy Project

The Tabor Boy Project is now featured on the Tabor Academy website

While taking Luke (5) and Joy (4) out for an afterschool adventure today, I ran into Merry Conway who, among many other things at Tabor, is responsible for the website. She recently added a Tabor Boy Project page which is very exciting. Tabor Boy Project crew member and current student Scott Lauermann help put the page together.

The sail training program has been and continues to be such an important part of the Tabor experience. (Make sure you watch Spencer Ash's most recent video of the "scooner")

Some exciting new features will be launched over the next few months, so please stand by.

Thanks again everyone for visiting and contributing the amazing photographs and stories that makes the Tabor Boy Project come alive! And thanks to Merry and Scott for bring The Tabor Boy Project into the Tabor Academy website.

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