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Tabor Boy 100th Anniversary Documentary Needs Your Help!

I'm sure that most of you know that the schooner is celebrating a big "berthday" this year! Tabor has commissioned a 100th Anniversary documentary of the Tabor Boy to be released in the Spring 2014. Writer/ Producer and Tabor Alum John Rice is hard at work with Capt., the crew and students on this project and is requesting all former Tabor Boy alum to submit any old photos, films or videos you might have of your time aboard.


Here's some recent footage from her current Caribbean Studies cruises.

We are particularly interested in film or photo's of the Captains, crew, sailing and special events/ trips. Perhaps your parents took photos during Parents weekend tours? Maybe Maine Orientation weeks? Trip to New York Harbor or Nantucket? Even goofy candids. Any video or photo's will help. If you have a story that goes with the pictures that would be helpful as well. We will be editing in HD so highest quality images are preferred (largest file size and dimensions if possible). We can scan them or you can send them electronically or on a stick or hard drive. We can provide a on line file sending service if you need it.

Thanks for making the Tabor Boy Documetary the best it can be.

Please call or contact John Rice at or 617-921-7844

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