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Maersk Alabama, Maersk Arkansas, Maersk Rhode Island and Tabor Boy

On March 18, 2009, Tabor Boy Project Crew Member Bob Beauregard proudly posted here about getting his first command, the Maersk Arkansas, a sister ship to the Maersk Alabama which trades a similar route. Got the nod today to join the big show Check out his post where you'll see a photo of the ship.

On March 29th, I received a message from Bob that he would be leaving for Kuwait to join the Maersk Arkansas on Tuesday, March 31.

On April 8, the Maersk Alabama was attacked by Somali pirates and you'd have to be Paris Hilton or living under a rock to not know the details of that amazing story.

At the end of last week, you may have read the contents of an email between a crew member on the Alabama to the Arkansas after the attack but before Captain Philips was rescued. If not, here are links to a blog post that reproduced it as well a CNN article.

Another one of our Tabor Boy Project Crew Members, Jimmy Walker is master of the Maersk Rhode Island; his profile picture might give a few hints about the hazards of the job.

These connections to Tabor Boy brings the pirate problem close to home. I'm sure that you'll join me in keeping these guys top mind and wishing them Gospeed.

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Comment by Peter A. Mello on May 8, 2009 at 12:50pm
I'd say that was an exciting first trip as captain. Be safe.
Comment by Robert C. Beauregard on May 8, 2009 at 10:33am
Hi All,

Just got back last night. An interesting trip and far from the norm. Since we were the sistership of Alabama, we were the "template" for the rescue. We provide details about the ship until it turned in to the lifeboat ordeal and then we provided lifeboat details. We were diverted from our normal route to receive personell by helo for studing our lifeboat. At the last minute when we were expecting the helo, we were informed of Capt Phillips release. We're all gald everyone arrived home safely, and also happy to hear how this has brought the plight of many seafarers to the forfront of the news. If these were airplanes being pirated at the rate they are now, you can bet there would be a huge outcry. Right now there are still over 500 seaman being held hostage.



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