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Glad to have found the forum. 
Perhaps you can help me. I'm interested in obtaining a copy of a photograph taken of the Tabor Boy in the Fall of 1966 before the vessel left for the Thanksgiving cruise to South Carolina for Winter lay up. I think it's the finest picture of her that I've seen so far and am sure others would agree. The picture was used for the embossed outside cover of the 1967 Tabor Year Book depicting her on a reach, heeled over to the scuppers. The photo was taken from Mrs T with engine red lined to keep from being run over shortly after leaving Sippican Harbor and making sail. 
I'll post this on the forum hoping that someone with access to school records can retrieve it or if someone could scan the 1967 year book cover and post it. I intend to commission a marine artist to render it in oils.
Regards, Dino

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