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It had been a few days since I logged in at The Tabor Boy Project and today I was thrilled to see that we passed the 100 member waypoint on April 1st when Emerald Epke joined. Ironically, Emerald works with Bob Glover ('78) and me over at Northeast Maritime Institute and we've been trying to get her to join for months. Looks like she was just waiting for a shot at that roundest of numbers.

The recent activity on the site has been generated by the hard work and support of 2 people. Jamie Hutton has been incredibly focused and diligent in sending out recruitment emails; some people might consider it spam and some probably ended up joining just to get him to stop. Jamie spends a lot of time in lovely Pascagoula, MS building NOAA ships. Armed with the Tabor Alumni directory, he's more effective at hunting ex-schooner crew than the FBI is in locating Osama Bin Laden. Thanks Jamie for all of your hard work!!!

Every time Kerry Saltonstall sends out an alumni e newsletter that mentions The Tabor Boy Project, there is an uptick in traffic followed by flood of new members. We really appreciate Kerry's support and encouragement!

Thanks to all of the new members. I'm sure that each one of you have many sea stories to spin about your years aboard the schooner and your life since. The site already has hundreds of wonderful photos that span decades but I'm sure that this is just a fraction of what rests in shoe boxes in closets in alumni homes across the globe. I always look forward to seeing what will pop up next on the site. Today my sophomore year XO, Jimmy Walker, posted what I think is the best member profile picture yet. Jim, there's got to be a good story in that picture!

If you're reading this but haven't joined yet, stop and jump in now! Our next waypoint is 200 crew members but we can't get there without you. If you are already a member, please do like new member Dan Zinsmeyer did and invite 10 of your former classmates/shipmates to hop aboard.

Finally, video has become such a powerful part of the Internet experience; however, The Tabor Boy Project is pretty barren in this area. If you have some, please post it. If you are currently a student sailing aboard Tabor Boy, please shoot some and post it because it will create an even richer experience for visitors.

Thanks again every one, let's round the next mark at 200!

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Comment by James Hutton on April 5, 2008 at 9:35am
The credit goes to you and everyone else aboard this site. This is such an important site for a very important ship that should be celebrated! You started something very meaningful here to all schooner crew members through the years, to the sail training community, and to the maritime community in general.
Thanks buddy!



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