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Major transitions at Tabor

Major transitions at Tabor.  

i’ve been following some of the major changes at Tabor, they are in the middle of a search for a new head of school, and apparently Captain Gail has retired, and the boat sits  with no captain and apparently right now no mission or direction while  the Covid virus is throwing the entire school into frantic efforts to assure student safety in the coming school year.

do any of us know what’s going on with the boat? Do we have any…


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My friend Tim

I would also like to add my note of sympathy and assure my lifelong friendship with Tim, who's passing also resulted in my refreshing my long-term friendship with  Tim's sister Dee.

When I was a senior at Tabor in 1962, Tim and I charted a little schooner over the summer to do Buzzards Bay and hopefully hit Provincetown. Or the one leg of our voyage Dee and her college roommate, she was a freshman in college then, came along and we had an absolutely wonderful week being very…


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Alfie and Bro in the long boat.

We were in Tarpaulin cove on a fall work weekend, and Alfie Fuller and I were over the side in the long boat putting the finishing touches on a full hull repaint in that nice Pettit Gloss Black. Of course we were the two most geeky guys aboard, but that word hadn't been coined yet.

Well, it was dusk, the light was fading and everybody but us was below eating. The long boat had just been totally repainted the week before and this was its first outing with its brand new…

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