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Front row: Tom Illingsworth, Ted Brown, Alec Willeson, Blaine Fortin, Cap, Jamie Hutton, Rob Atkinson, Jeff Ferguson, Ed Olivier, T.K. Rohan, Second row: M. Badger, M. Laing, J. Rando, A. Costerus, J. Perkey, B. Beauregard Third row: J. Corbet, B. George, J. Werbel, M. Smith, D. Banguer

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Comment by Robert C. Beauregard on December 12, 2008 at 7:05am
3rd Row end right is B. Hekking, my room mate.

2nd row Between M. Laing, and A. Costerus, is J. Rando- He had a turtle shell cast for a long time and on the end far right beside J. Perkey - Hey It's me! I didn't even get a question mark.

I remember Cap telling Rando once " If you took a good s**t the only thing left would be your shoes."



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