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Hi Tabor Boy alums!

I hope all of you are doing well.  I have completed the manuscript for a book about my years on Tabor Boy.  Its title is Sailing a North Sea Pilot Schooner.  The editing process by Newman Spring Publishing will be done soon, after which it goes to type setting.

I have been gathering photos to support the narrative and have selected several from The Tabor Boy Project.  Two questions:

1.  Is it okay to use them in the book?  All will be properly credited.

2.  Does anyone have a good photo of Harry Cox?  I have reached out to the family.

Looking forward to hearing back.  Thanks!

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Hi James!

Is it too late to help with photos?  I was with you on Tabor Boy in 1977, including the stormy cruise to Bermuda that summer.  I consider myself profoundly lucky to have experienced Tabor Boy.  (It's essentially impossible to do justice to the formative experience, trying to describe it to someone.)  I just discovered a long-lost set of photos I recorded from the spring of 1977, including some of our Bermuda cruise.  I'm eager to share them.  Not all are the greatest, but some are pretty darn good, and all will be wonderful to anyone who was present.  Dr. Bill Rose (also Tabor '77 and a leader on our crew) and I have stayed in contact, and he's recently visited me here in New Mexico.   I'm also very grateful to have been in contact with Peter Mello at times over the years.  The Tabor Boy Project is a very important thing. 

I was lucky to have had a few very formative extracurricular experiences in my youth.  What proved the most key in my case were ones connected to astronomy, my special interest.  But the Tabor Boy experience was "right up there," and in more than one fashion, it connected to my astronomy, and in ways I cherish.  PRICELESS!


--John W. Briggs,

Magdalena, New Mexico




The photo of you is great!

Bill Rose




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