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Does anyone know how to find him? During my 4 years on Tabor Boy he must have taken thousands of photos and I'd really like to track him down and get those all scanned in.

-Ian '95

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Hey Ian,

Hope u are well, I am sure Les Geil has his contact details, we tried to meet up a few years ago in Cali when I was there, I think he is still teaching in the USVI.

All the best
Hi Ian,

Duane is on St. Croix. I last saw him there in March of '05, at which time he was doing well. He has been teaching at St. Croix Country Day School and has also been involved with the Coast Guard Auxiliary there - recently becoming commandant! I have some contact info. for him aboard the schooner and will try to get that to you. I look forward to seeing you again soon.




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