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I am sorry to hear about the loss of our class mate Thomas Cochran! A sad day in the sailing world too.


Capt. Blaine M. Fortin
C: 832-260-2754

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Sorry to here the news about Thomas Cochran.

On Friday I wrote a post in my blog, Sea-Fever, about the passing of Frank Braynard. Although I never knew him personally, his life's work left a profound impact on mine.

Hope all is well and that you and your family have a great holiday season.

Fair Winds,
Blaine Dog:
Sorry I have been slow to catch up...I am Dockside now in Earle NJ having completed my second deployment to the Middle East, and am stationed aboard the USNS SUPPLY T-AOE 6 . I have messed up my profile on this interactive website due to my own lack of bandwith through secure government networks, and my very own poor password retention rate, so don't be suprised if I have confused the dailights out of NING with multiple profiles. I used to do this with Microsoft too, and it was always ugly! Stay well! I'll yell at you on the phone soon. I am on the 1600-2400 watch this week. Matt

Great to hear from you. Give me a holler. B 281-618-7446 C 832-260-2754.
Blaine Dog: I have just updated your cell phone # in my book. I had an obsolete number for you. I'm in Norfolk VA now, --I'll yell at you this week. Matt




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