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Is there anyone in this site who was part of the 1960 Newport to Bermuda race on the Tabor Boy?



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Does anyone know if there are manifests available for each year's trip? If so, where does one get them?

Hi Charles,

I was not in the 1960 Bermuda race on the Tabor Boy.  However, I am trying to get more information on a Tabor Boy cruise to the Caribbean, which I think was in the summer of 1959.  I have very fond memories of it but don't know exactly when it was. If anyone has any information regarding it, please contact me:  Thanks

Thanks for the reply Ware.  Sorry I don't have any information and I have a hard time believing I haven't found anyone who was on the race I was on.  Did you know the sister ship went down, during that same time period?



I don't think very many TB people use this site, yet.  Let's hope more do in the future.

Yes, I was, that was when Nat Gladding was aboard Diogenes (sp?) and had his nose cracked by a runaway winch.  He had to be air lifted by the CG. Alfie Fuller was aboard TB,  He got seriously drunk in Bedrmuda and we literally put him in the scupper and tuirned the fire hose on him.  Boy, was Capt. pissed.  "What a performance"!!! ...He grounded us for a day or so.   Maybe this was Nassau, it's all so fuzzy now.  . Bro Russell



Great to hear from you.  As you say, time has passed enough that things are a little fuzzy.  I remember it was a relatively rough trip and that we were the first to get to Bermuda (but didn't win due to handicap) and that a couple of boats broke their masts and came in under power. Do you remember that?

I don't remember Alfie Fuller's incident but that was probably at Nassau and because I was broke I mostly stayed around the ship.





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