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At 7:06pm on March 30, 2009, James Hutton said…
Hey! Your alive!!!
I'm looking forward to heading to Marion in June for my 30th. By the way, Alec Wileson is on the site now.
At 2:22pm on March 16, 2009, James Hutton said…
Have you dropped off the map? How are you? I haven't heard from you in a long time and just wanted to check in.
At 1:59pm on November 24, 2008, James Hutton said…
Ted, this is from Matt Dog Twomey:

Ted! The band width is so poor on my ship that I have a tendency to hit the Tabor Boy collaborative stuff about once a quarter, but I hope that this note finds you well. I have also noticed that I try to do too much and drive hundreds of miles per day when I am back in New England visiting family with very little downtime, so that has got to change, but today I have the coolest story for you, and since I am WAY out here, no one else back your way has heard it yet. Please pass it along to Uber Internet Guy Peter Mello since he likes this kind of stuff, and if I try to resend it will take up computer time that I do not have, so here goes: The Somalian pirate action all happens within a few hundred miles of my location, and yet, on the Day that the biggest bank in America effectively died (Citigroup Friday Nov. 21st RIP) I was pondering my good fortune having a steak dinner sitting high on a terrace overlooking Dubai Creek, and wondering if the Emir will wisely use this economic downturn to catch up and complete so many of the brilliant construction projects that encircle this city. The Chairman of Citigroup was also in town on this same evening to beg for a cash infusion. Dubai is an all-business town, and a polyglot nation of Maritime traders. If there are any Taborites who would be interested in my notes on this city, I'll be happy to correspond ( ) because the social climate is amazing, and it is everything that I expected to find back in America when I was younger and seeking out opportunities to work with people who wanted to get things done. Anyway, I hope that you are well, and if anyone is looking for me, tell them to try Dubai. Oh, and if you are traveling with beautiful women, please keep them on a short leash or hire me to train them to be polite, because they will not get very far with their Cambridge sensibilities over here! Best Wishes, Matt
At 9:06pm on April 30, 2008, Matt Twomey '79 said…
Augusta works for me! I'll be ripping through NE from May 8th to June 3rd so I'll yell at you soon. Matt
At 7:54pm on April 18, 2008, Matt Twomey '79 said…

Ted: Can I buy you a beer sometime between May 10th and May 31st? I'll be making multiple trips up to Castine during my 27 days of Liberty , so I should yell at you and buy you lunch in Brunswick! This picture was taken by me yesterday, so she is up on the hard, poor girl. Best Wishes, Matt
At 9:08pm on January 29, 2008, James Hutton said…
In search of Ed Olivier, do you have a recent email address?
At 8:55pm on January 29, 2008, James Hutton said…
Hey you Dirt Bag! Are you still on? I'm sleepless in Long Island. I'm taking a course at Kings Point.
At 9:09am on January 17, 2008, Matt Twomey '79 said…
Good Morning! I am well, but password handicapped, so have pity on me as I try to be social. I am in Earle NJ enjoying some time dockside aboard my ship USNS SUPPLY T-AOE ^ Happy New Year. Matt
At 11:42am on January 15, 2008, Jonathan Werbel said…
wicked little cutie, you actually produced her? I'm impressed.
At 11:11am on January 14, 2008, James Hutton said…
Happy New Year! I get such a kick each time I see the picture of you and your daughter. She looks like a little mermaid. What a cutie pie! You’re just as fugly as always.
At 11:02am on January 14, 2008, Rob "Swabby" Atkinson said…
Hi Ted,

I still have the knife we found on the cliff. I do not know what happened to the back pack. I think Bobby took it. I still can't believe you got around that jutting piece of rock by grabbing it like a giant breast! Amazing none of us ever got really hurt. Even Fergy falling on the "Third-Rail" seemd to go uneventfully. God were we lucky.
At 7:45am on November 5, 2007, Mike Laing said…
Hi Ted

Good to hear from you

Cute girlfriend, or if that is your favourite daughter, Matthieu(number 2 son who is 8) would like her phone number.

Lying low here in the South of France, hence the beard.

Over on your side of the pond for New Year, but a bit further west (Vegas, but it's a long story)

Stay in touch

At 5:54pm on October 27, 2007, James Hutton said…
Carl eye! I know that you had some fantastic pictures, please post them when you can there John Conucka Nucka Tir-i-aye.
"Eye Captain, I came back to eat crow"



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