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At 5:55am on February 2, 2008, R.C.Glover III said…
Yes, I read it and left a comment, your SO impatient, some of us have to work all day and can't spend hours on the internet chatting like a Mississippi call girl!

And Yes, we will turn out more Captains than KP!
At 1:45pm on January 29, 2008, Matt Twomey '79 said…
yeah, tons of action over here, big fire on friday, no one hurt, dumped halon in module containing diesel generator # 5, then cooled it down with fire hoses, bale full open. Yikes big mess but great teamwork. 65 scba bottles refilled. That is more that enough action for one week.I was in the space a couple of times. Matt
At 2:18pm on January 27, 2008, Matt Twomey '79 said…
Good Morning! (I think? 12 hour watches 2000 - 0800 throw me) I am approved for Tankerman PIC this spring...your tax dollars at work. Things are very good here...I've picked up almost 600 sea days with MSC so far ... one more deployment and I'll hit 3/O. which I know sounds silly for an old goat like me, but I am enjoying it, and it is a step in the right direction...Talked with Swabby recently...too much ammo here for me to get him and his son on board at this very tight, but I may see him when he gets back from Dubai. I'm going to go play with Sarah E. Twomey in Boston this weekend, then watch the super Bowl! Matt
At 6:44am on January 27, 2008, R.C.Glover III said…
If you do proceed to bomb my house with water ballons, my custom made sonic cannon blaster will blow them apart!!!
At 11:25am on January 14, 2008, Rob "Swabby" Atkinson said…

We are in Fair Haven, NJ. It's just inside Sandy Hook about a 35 minute ferry boat ride from South Street Seaport, NYC. Are you in Va or Miss now?
At 9:07am on January 14, 2008, James Hutton said…
I bought a all in one scanner/fax/copier/printer for my wife a year ago and the machine is great and it wasn't too expensive.

Dubai should be very interesting. I haven’t been there ether but Matt has been sailing around there a lot. I know that he would love to hear from you. Here’s his email:

I hope that you have a safe trip over. Also, you never told me where you are living now.
At 11:17am on January 13, 2008, Rob "Swabby" Atkinson said…
Comment back. Got it! I'll shoot Matt a note. I bet he's sailing on some of the ship's I am fueling. Off to Dubai on the 22nd. Never been there yet. Should be interesting. Going to try to get an easy and inexpensive scanning machine today so I can do some of these shots I've been digging up. Later Jamie,
At 7:24pm on January 12, 2008, R.C.Glover III said…
Greeeaaaattt now he is to become a flying engineer, the next Howard Hughes, we'll NEVER live this one down!
At 5:48pm on January 12, 2008, Peter A. Mello said…
Love the Chuck Norris widget on your page. I lost a few minutes of my life there earlier today.

The Messing About In Ships blog has show notes but we haven't done time indexes yet. Maybe in the future. You should have plenty of time to listen from the Land of Many Smells.

Don't miss #3 where Captain Bob Glover was our in studio guest. Actually pretty good episode.

Make sure you plot yourself on the chart on the podcast map.

Love to post those Pisces photos. Wanna write something up too?

I'm off to Bermuda Tuesday, we're starting a maritime ed and employment program for at risk Bermuda youth. Haven't been back since Tabor Boy so I'm looking forward to it.

Be good!
At 5:22pm on January 12, 2008, James Hutton said…
I just listended to the last 25 mintutes. It's pretty cool and the first podcast that I have listened to. Is it indexed, i.e. can I find a directory of different interviews for example? I would be glad to do an interview sometime.
At 4:24pm on January 12, 2008, Peter A. Mello said…
WTF - flying with Capt Buba!!!! R U outta your #@%!$ mind!

Have you listened to my new podcast yet?
Check it out and let me know what you think. I want to get you on as a guest some time.
At 6:55pm on October 25, 2007, Bruce Roubaud said…
Tabor grad 1956. I keep in contact with the school. I will be posting some photos of the Tabor Boy that go back to 1955 and even one or two of the preceding yawl that were taken in 1952. My brother graduated in '52.
At 11:55am on October 22, 2007, Peter A. Mello said…
Excellent! Persistence pays!
Thanx again for yesterday. Did you check out the photo's I posted on Flickr?

When do you want to come to Mattapoisett for dinner?
At 9:53am on October 21, 2007, Chris Henry said…
As soon as I can, I'll be sure to do that.
At 11:32pm on October 20, 2007, Peter A. Mello said…
Don't you know by now, there are no coincidences!
At 10:48pm on October 20, 2007, Peter A. Mello said…
Uh oh! :-O

Sounds dangerous!

Luke's looking forward to the tour.
At 12:19pm on October 12, 2007, Peter A. Mello said…
What day for our rendezvous in Newport? Bob and I will be coming. You coming back this way for the XO dinner? Look forward to seeing you.
At 12:13pm on October 10, 2007, Peter A. Mello said…
Sounds like a plan. Would love to see the ship. Any chance for a tour where I could take some pictures or video for a posting on my blog? Look 4ward to cing u.

Get your post back up. There's room for everyone!
At 10:25am on October 10, 2007, Peter A. Mello said…
Hey, what happened to your recent blog posting? Came back from vacation eager to read; what an empty feeling. :-(
At 5:35pm on September 25, 2007, R.C.Glover III said…
LOOK YOU!!! I added my location to frapper on the 15 Aug, and as of 1 minute ago when I was on the main page, it is still there!!! I don't know what else to tell you!! or your dog!!1



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