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At 10:51pm on August 25, 2009, Jonathan Lincoln said…
Hey Dirt Ball,
Still hanging in Mississippi? Now that you have done sea trials are you free to go back to Virginia? How was the Reunion? Sorry I missed it. Will be in Maryland Sept. 14th to 25th, hope you're around.

Jon Lincoln
At 7:15am on August 13, 2009, Jim Dowling said…
Hi Jamie,
I think you were a BMOC when I was only a little known freshman on the 420 team. I really have many fond memories of TA and Cap. I have some photos of the cruise back at my home in Dover and will pick them up the next time I am there to share.

Thanks for the contact.
At 12:13pm on July 15, 2009, Mitt Younts said…
Yes, in that case we learned all the Spanish we need to know. Good Luck.
At 11:43am on July 15, 2009, Mitt Younts said…
Hi James-Never on crew due to other TA sports but have seen Tabor Boy and many people seek me out re: seeing her in various Ports from Maine to Virgin Islands. I read comments about Joe Smart. Had him for Spanish and struggled. He had me to his house one afternoon to discuss my grades and we became best of friends. After that...all A's. Que pasa ??
At 12:36pm on July 2, 2009, Malcolm C. Young said…

In reply to your invitation to put up photos, a couple of things have happened that are relevant. First, I actually found boxes of old slides in that small format that Captain Glaeser convinced us was the wave of the future. I'll inspect them and if they are in ok shape, I'll get them converted and posted.

But the reason I found these pictures is that after six years in the middle west we are moving back to the Washington area. There are job changes involved, a house sale, and of course a move. So just when I have the time to go through these found photos, we'll just have to see.

I'm looking forward to going through these old slides.

Malcolm Young '64
At 6:04pm on June 19, 2009, David H. Mooney said…
I wish I had any photos from that time--all of the memories are up in my head, where I left them dormant for a long time--seeing this site brings them all back in vivid color! I'll try to post some stories as I remember them.
At 6:42pm on April 8, 2009, W. Hastings said…
I apologize for taking so long to respond to your comment. Wow thats a big reunion date though, should be fun to see classmates and all. The Tabor Boy crew will look forward to seeing you back onboard.
Hope everything is going well,
At 4:13pm on March 30, 2009, Ted Brown said…
Sorry, no I'm still on the map. I have not checked this e-mail recently, obviously. However, have vowed to change that. Sorry also I didn't get back to Matt in a timely manor.
At 2:53pm on March 30, 2009, Alec M. Willeson said…
Thanks, Jamie!
Obviously, I will not be able to post any pictures of you, since none of them are complimentary...
Oh well.
Looks like a good website; thanks for the info.
I'll have to go searching for SOME photos...
I'll see what I find.
Be well,
Heym just looked over your othermessages, and saw one from Ron Glover.
Something about Chatham, MA (my home town.
Are they retiring a coast guard ship?
...brings back memories.
At 10:53pm on March 26, 2009, Jonathan Lincoln said…
Howdy Jamie,
Doesn't look like I'll make the reunion as I am due back to the Yorktown Express around the beginning of June for 70 days. I am however, heading to NOLA around the 17th of April to get my annual MEBA physical. We should try to hook up that weekend. I'll give you a heads up when I'm heading that way.
Jon Lincoln
At 8:34pm on March 16, 2009, Gregory T. Smith said…
Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend reunion weekend this year as I am going to the best man at my buddy's wedding that weekend, also a Tabor alum. Sorry I won't get the chance to meet you this time around.

Greg Smith '99
At 10:35am on March 11, 2009, Robert C. Beauregard said…
Glad you liked the shirt, Model all you want, Torso shots pleeease... :) jk. The mugs came out nice too. I just got back Monday night and will be getting in touch with Peter to see about posting them.
At 7:23pm on March 9, 2009, R.C.Glover III said…
Sorry to hear about the sea trails, :( send the shipyard guys out to go find the relative bearing, that will keep them busy and make them THINK about why the bloody ship can't maintain speed aye?

Don't know about the 44 footer. Propably going to some USCG museum.
At 10:35pm on March 8, 2009, Meghan Barrett said…
Thanks! I'm with DOJ (Tax Division). NOAA is my dream job, what do you do over there? I live in Arlington, always glad to hear of area alums!
At 6:14am on March 7, 2009, R.C.Glover III said…
Hey, ya I am a dirtball with old crust on it, so look out I don't throw myself in your EYE.
all is well, trust the sea trials go better than last time, hey, a bit of news, the ending of a legend in Chatham Mass on 8 May, very sad, :( , we need to buy this boat from the USCG.

Cheers for now.
At 2:34pm on February 7, 2009, Rob "Swabby" Atkinson said…
I think that was the same summer that Carl Aye was arrested in P-Town when we were leaving a bar where the pot smoke was thicker than the fog and there were guitars blasting form both sides of the street! Carl bent over and asked the cop to replace what he took! Ha!
We had to row all the way out to the schooner and try and break into the safe... which we couldn't figure out.
Yeah, it was an amazing summer.
At 4:55pm on January 27, 2009, Bruce Roubaud said…
The photo is indeed of me taken at my brothers graduation in '51. I went back through my pictures (I have digitised all my family's photos from as far back as 1890) and uploaded those of the yawl. Keep in mind that in '51 the film lost color quicker than the Kodachromes of the Mayflower taken in '57.
At 11:47am on December 10, 2008, Kip Files said…
love to see you still use Dirt ball. I gave Cap that term my first summer. We laughed so hard it stuck. I think I got it from Gib Philbrick who used to own the Bowditch. Were you around when we all tied up in Newport on BOR mooring for the Americas Cup?
Bowdtich Tabor Boy Bill of Rights and Grand Turk. What a time. Cap did a rendition of the Ring dang do song that still makes Gib and I laugh. We were having a meal on the Bowditch all the crew had gone, consuming adult type beverages and he started to sing.. How about when Karl(bagpies) was mate and Cap had a late night parade down water street. My my
I do miss him. Seems most of the charecters that hung around the the water front are slowly moving on..
At 6:52pm on December 9, 2008, Kip Files said…
Someone else I know. got some great old photos of you.
I think the last time I saw you was when we gave Cap. the ASTA life time award.
Last time I saw him... Kip
At 10:27pm on December 6, 2008, Jonathan Lincoln said…
Howdy Jamie,

Got home about three weeks ago. Had my folks here in Texas for Thanksgiving, stayed for two weeks. Home till the end of February. Being re-assigned to the M/V YORKTOWN EXPRESS as permanent C/E. Need to get my annual MEBA physical done sometime before June. We do this in NOLA, so I’ll give you a heads up and hope we can all get together. Ranch is doing well. Keep in touch……I’ll give you a call here soon.


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